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UC Merced Police Officers

Nestled in the heart of Berkeley, California, UC Berkeley (UCB) stands as an iconic institution, renowned for its rich academic heritage and forward-thinking approach.

UC Berkeley upholds principles of academic freedom, inclusion, and intellectual rigor, fostering a vibrant community that values diversity and critical thinking.

The UC Berkeley Police Department is committed to ensuring a safe and welcoming campus for all, embracing a community-oriented approach to policing and promoting trust and transparency.

Experience the dynamic spirit of Berkeley, where groundbreaking research, creativity, and activism come together to inspire positive change and global impact.

Contact Information

UC Berkeley Police Department
1 Cross-Sproul Path
Berkeley, CA 94270

UC Berkeley Director

Karla Rush

Current Rank: Officer

Total Years as a Police Officer: 22

Total Years as an Officer at the University: 12

Total Years on the FUPOA Board: 4

Additional Info: I’ve experienced working for two agencies over the past two decades and I have really enjoyed it. With all of the experience I’ve gained, my most memorable experiences have been solving cases as a Detective.