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San Francisco

UC Merced Police Officers

Located in San Francisco, UC San Francisco (UCSF) is a hub of innovation and excellence in health and biomedical sciences. With a mission to advance global health through research, patient care, and education, UCSF instills leadership qualities that transform healthcare and discovery.

Compassion, collaboration, and scientific curiosity drive our values at UCSF, propelling us to tackle complex health challenges and promote equity in healthcare. Our dedicated UCSF Police Department plays a vital role in maintaining a safe and secure campus environment, embodying integrity, service, and community engagement.

Together, we unite as a community to advance health worldwide, creating a future of accessible healthcare and impactful scientific discoveries. Join us on this journey of excellence to make a positive impact on global health and well-being.

Contact Information

UC San Francisco Police Department
654 Minnesota St. #180
San Francisco, CA 94107

UC San Francisco Director

Stacee Jensen

Current Rank: Officer

Total Years as a Police Officer: 3.5

Total Years as an Officer at the University: 3.5

Total Years on the FUPOA Board: 8 months